Test Equipment Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services provide customers with added value results from good technological knowledge and operational excellence. Additional services are also available to support customers' processes.

Test Equipment Manufacturing Service is beneficial for small, mid-size and large companies who are having in-house test strategy development and often limited engineering and assembly resources for test equipment development. When customer's test concepts and platforms are partly ready in development phase, Orbis Systems can help customer to complete equipment designs and to transfer test platform into manufacturing phase. Often equipment are needed in production far away from test development site and and Orbis Systems's global footprint can give fast response to customers production sites in Europe, China, India, USA and Mexico.

1. Customer benefits

  • Reliable production ramp up schedule
  • Flexible and reliable response
  • Customer can concentrate on their focus business, no need for customer to organize assembly and testing resources for changing volumes
  • No need for perfect documentation
  • Continues improvement, second sourcing for critical components to avoid interruptions
  • Cost savings

2. Manufacturing based on customer's design and documentation

  • Small volumes and single units 1-10 pc, high volume and forecast based manufacturing 50 -
  • Test systems
  • Signal switching units
  • Fixtures
  • Adapters
  • Power units
  • Interface and special cables
  • Other test devices

3. Validation of customer's test solutions

  • System tests
  • Gage R&R testing
  • Usability tests

4. Industrialization and cost reduction of customer's solutions

  • Technical improvements
  • Documentation
  • Cost reduction

5. Our manufacturing process

  • Sourcing
  • Assembly and final testing
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Commissioning = installation and production ramp up at customers production