Test Equipment Engineering Services

Orbis Systems' engineering services provide customers with added value through outstanding technological knowledge and project excellence. The service is implemented either as an outsourced development project or by our experts working within our customers' project teams.

Test Equipment Engineering Services are beneficial for small, mid-size and large companies who do not have in-house test development resources for all test equipment development or modification projects. Customers may also decide to outsource parts of their development to vendors despite having in-house platform development.

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Customer benefits

  • Flexible and reliable response and resourcing
  • Customer can concentrate on their core business, no need to organize in-house developement with varying competence needs
  • Regular changes and updates for different platforms (for example fixtures) are managed by a trusted partner
  • Continuous improvement and second sourcing for critical components to avoid interruptions
  • Local support available in Europe, USA, India, China
  • Cost savings

Equipment development

  • Concept proposals
  • Functional specification based on customers' requirement specifications
  • Mechanical engineering, RF engineering, electrical engineering, PWB engineering, wiring engineering, system level engineering, software engineering (C#, LabView), automation engineering
  • Project management, sourcing and documentation
  • Prototyping and transfer to manufacturing
  • CE, CCC


  • Test Racks
  • Test Systems (rack, fixture, SW, cabling, instrumentation, automation etc.)
  • RF Signal Switching Units
  • Fixtures
  • Adapters
  • Power Units
  • Interface and special cables
  • PWBs
  • other test equipment

Competences and technology

  • Base station unit testing
  • Mobile phone testing
  • Power electronics testing
  • RF testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Machine vision testing
  • Audio testing
  • Existing IPR in: RF Signal Switching Units, fixture platforms, mobile phone testers, display testers, test system SW, electrical tester platform etc.