RF Signal Switching

Orbis Systems modular RF Signal Switching Unit is a sophisticated multi-purpose solution for RF signal switching. It can be used to test base stations, wireless devices, specialized antenna systems and RF components.

RF Signal Switching Unit is used for signal routing between instruments and devices under test (DUT). RF Signal Switching Unit enables routing RF signals from multiple instruments to single or multiple DUTs. RF Signal Switching Unit enables multiple tests to be performed with the same setup removing the need for frequent connections and disconnection of test cables.

With the RF Signal Switching Unit the whole testing environment can be automatized.

RF Signal Switching Unit benefits:

  • Enables R&D personnel to concentrate to product development instead of test environment preparation
  • Increases utilization rate of testers from 8h up to 24h
  • Replaces expensive measuring instruments
  • Increases the throughput in high-volume production environments
  • Removes human error from testing
  • Finding quality problems at earlier stage
  • Shortening the leadtime of R&D projects