5G OTA Testing

Orbis Systems' over-the-air (OTA) testing products are developed to support 5G R&D needs.

5G OTA chambers provide compatibility to execute software and initial RF verification tests. Orbis Systems' highly customizable OTA solutions are available in any frequency including sub-6GHz and mmWave. The compact and transportable chambers come in various sizes ranging from small chambers to up to 12 meter outer space and feature tailor-made positioner solutions.

New technologies are being adopted at a rapid pace, making over-the-air (OTA) testing an essential part of the verification process.

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Learn more about our OTA chamber options on the following pages:
5G millimeter wave anechoic chambers
5G sub-6GHz chambers
WFS Plane Wave Generator solution


  • Enables R&D personnel to do 5G OTA testing for 5G base stations
  • Increases testing capacity
  • Allows for better testing quality
  • Fast OTA antenna and TX/RX calibration and verification
  • Saves costs due to the compact size of the chambers