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About Orbis Systems

Orbis Systems provides quality control solutions, functional testing solutions, components and services for its customers’ R&D, production and after sales needs. Our products and services increase efficiency and performance in our customers’ processes and hence shorten time to market, lower process costs and increase the end customers’ satisfaction.

Orbis Systems works closely with its customers, aiming to create long term business relationships. We operate globally and we are willing to follow our customers’ business evolution. While working in close co-operation with our current clientele we are also actively looking for new customers within the telecom industry as well as other electronics segments.

Established in 2012 after the company split from Orbis Oy, Orbis Systems has provided high quality test solutions for the telecom and electronics industry for over 20 years and the operations have been global for 15 years. The growth and globalization of the company continue to proceed according to the customers’ needs as the markets evolve.


To be the leading global 5G testing solution provider.


Orbis Systems mission is to help our customers develop new products and technologies by providing test solutions. The company provides quality control and functional testing solutions and services for its customers’ R&D, production and after sales needs. Orbis Systems works closely with its customers aiming to create long term business relationships.


Commitment to the customer

We do our best to serve our customers and take full ​responsibility for our promises​.​

Openness ​

We aim to share information openly. ​We express our opinions and promote constructive debate.​​

Honesty ​

We have a high level of integrity in all our actions, and we ​expect the same from our employees and partners​.​

Empowerment ​​

Everyone is included and encouraged to make decisions ​related to their own work.​


Orbis Systems develops long term customer relationships with its key customers within the telecommunications industry by being agile, flexible and ready to change according to the customers' needs. Orbis Systems operates close to its customers to be able to provide local services to them.

Key Technologies

Orbis Systems' key technologies are functional testing technology and quality assurance related to RF signal switching and electrical testing. The company's key competences include testing and measurement techniques, test solution engineering and test solution manufacturing.

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Global Presence

Orbis Systems has become a leading test system supplier for the telecommunications manufacturing industry. As a strategic testing partner for both base station and device suppliers, Orbis Systems has built global operations which today reach from Europe to Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

A significant amount of all mobile devices supplied globally are tested with Orbis Systems' test equipment. We have installed a base of hundreds of test platforms and systems on three continents. In addition to its product offering, Orbis Systems has complete global design, delivery and maintenance service capabilities.

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