Orbis Systems Oy provides test solution engineering, prototyping and manufacturing services for the telecom and electronics industry in Europe.

Key competencies in Finland

  • Design of bench top fixtures for printed circuit boards (PCB) / modules / sub-assembly testing
  • Design of radio frequency (RF) switching solutions
  • Design of fully automated and semi-automated test equipment (ATE) for electronics and RF testing
  • Design of fully automated, customized OTA solutions
  • Building automated test equipment (ATE) and signal switching units based on customers’ documentation including documentation work and bill of material (BOM) rationalization
  • Upgrade, modification, repair and maintenance service for Orbis Systems’ and 3rd party products

About Orbis Systems Oy

  • Incorporated in 2012 after a split from Orbis Oy (founded in 1949)
  • Sales and service offices in Oulu and Vantaa
  • ISO 9001 certified operation

Locations and contact details

Orbis Systems Oy
Konekuja 2, FI-90620 Oulu, Finland
TEL: +358 (0)290 040 800

Orbis Systems Oy
Äyritie 8 D, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland
TEL: +358 (0)290 040 800