5G Sub 6 GHz OTA Chamber

5G OTA chambers provide compatibility to execute software and initial RF verification testing. Pre-installed automated device under test (DUT) position controller and measurement antenna positioner are compatible with standard REST API SW interface.

The anechoic chamber is built into a 20-foot container lined with absorbers. The chamber is isolated and ventilated with accessories. The automated DUT rotation angle limit is ± 90 degrees, and ± 30 degrees tilt, while the measurement antenna can be positioned automatically along the Y-axis and manually along the Z-axis.


  • Chamber weight: 2600 kg
  • Chamber outer dimensions (HxWxD): 2590 x 2440 x 6050 mm
  • Built-in anechoic chamber - free space (HxWxD): 1820 x 1740 x 4920 mm
  • Max measurement distance: 2860 mm


  • AC, DC, RF connections
  • Data with different options

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