Orbis Systems launches WFS, Plane Wave Generator solution during spring

Orbis Systems was set to launch a new product called Wave Form Synthesis at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona. As the MWC event was cancelled due to the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the product will be launched in customer seminars during the spring instead.

Wave Form Synthesis

Our innovative new product WFS, a Plane Wave Generator solution, uses real time near-field to far-field conversion to enable sub-6GHz 5G performance testing in a compact 3,5 m chamber, removing the need for a larger 20 m far-field chamber. This saves floorspace and cost, while allowing for higher potential test capacity per square meter.

Wide range of OTA testing solutions

Orbis Systems' wide range of OTA chamber solutions for various use cases and frequency ranges (sub6-GHz and mmWave) allows you to optimize chamber size, performance, and cost specificly to suit your needs. ​

Some of our chambers are built into sea containers, which allows our customers to utilize high ceiling industrial buildings for efficient OTA capacity increase by stacking up the chambers. It also makes the transportation very straight-forward.

In case you need over-the-air testing for your 5G products, learn more here or simply contact us for further information!