Enhancing modern testing with RF Signal Switching Units

Orbis Systems, an esteemed frontrunner in advanced 5G, RF and OTA testing solutions, sheds light on the merits of RF Signal Switching Units (SSUs) and their alignment with modern testing requirements – ultimately enhancing the professional journey of R&D engineers.

Efficient test equipment utilization

In testing, precision measurement equipment often comes at a premium cost. Traditional testing methods, especially in scenarios like radio testing that require distinct RX and TX testing equipment, lead to underutilization and financial inefficiency. Orbis Systems' RF Signal Switching Units offer a practical solution by enabling multiple Devices Under Test (DUTs) to effectively share a single set of equipment. This allocation optimizes equipment utilization, streamlining costs and operational procedures.

Advantages of RF Signal Switching Units

Orbis Systems' RF Signal Switching Units offer multiple advantages that refine the testing landscape:

Enhanced Utilization: A remarkable transition from an 8-hour utilization to a continuous 24-hour operation significantly enhances productivity.

Cost-Efficiency: By eliminating the need for redundant high-cost measuring instruments, overall investment in measurement equipment is effectively reduced.

Improved Throughput: In high-volume production environments, the throughput is amplified, leading to efficient operations.

Error Minimization: Eliminating human errors during testing ensures the precision and reliability of test outcomes.

Early Issue Detection: Quality concerns can be detected at an early stage, streamlining debugging processes and expediting development.

Accelerated R&D: The Research and Development project timeline is shortened, enabling expedited product development.

Customized automation and seamless integration

Orbis Systems' RF Signal Switching Units seamlessly integrate with automated laboratory systems, enabling swift and effective configuration changes. The modular system architecture, comprising a main case, controller and plug-in modules, empowers users to build extensive test systems.

Image: RF Signal Switching Unit used for Lab System Automation

Simplified operation through software support

To streamline user interaction, Orbis Systems offers software support, featuring a configurator that simplifies test route definition. With this tool, users can swiftly adjust testing parameters, ensuring seamless transitions between different testing scenarios.

Real-time monitoring and maintenance

Orbis Systems provides monitoring software, offering users insights into the operational aspects of the switching units. This feature facilitates diagnostics and routine maintenance, ensuring continued efficiency and reliability.

Explore the potential of Orbis Systems RF Signal Switching Units

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