End-to-End Testing: The Test Strategy That Meets the Growing Demands of 5G Technology and ORAN

5G written in green lights againsta a dark background

The continuously evolving requirements set by 5G technology call for innovative testing solutions that accelerate time to market while also reducing costs.

With its constantly increasing requirements and ever-evolving standards, 5G technology keeps setting new demands that reach way beyond the Telecom industry. Given the growing technical complexity – such as the inclusion of millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, beam steering and emerging variety with ORAN – and considering that in the very foreseeable future, practically every device and piece of equipment or machinery in our homes and infrastructure will be capable of connecting to the network, a dire need for innovative 5G test solutions is clear. With ORAN the variety of devices in the network side will also increase to a new level. One test strategy that has so far proven effective in mediating the gap between the two competing priorities of accelerating time to market and reducing testing costs, all the while maintaining measurement integrity, is end-to-end testing.

Increased measurement speed and integrity without sacrificing profitability

By its very definition, an end-to-end testing process runs from beginning to end replicating real-life scenarios and delivers complete test results. In order to ensure the maximal reliability and agility of its customers’ testing processes while also helping them maintain their competitive edge, Orbis Systems has developed time and cost-efficient OTA testing solutions to be used in end-to-end testing environments. Tailor-made to customer needs and enabling testing in real-world simulated conditions as part of a complete end-to-end testing environment, the OTA solutions help provide reliable verification on the performance of multiple base stations and user equipment (UE), even simultaneously with certain setups.

Keeping in mind the 5G technology demands that an end-to-end testing process is seeking to meet, Orbis Systems’ OTA testing solutions feature high levels of pre-integration, automation and customization on proven platforms. The pre-integrated and highly automated components reduce both test times and operator errors and allow for quick ramp up of test capacity. Being able to test the entire process flow using the same test setup also improves the consistency of measurement results.

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