Testing Made Efficient with Triple Testing Solutions

Orbis Systems redefines testing efficiency with advanced positioners for three Devices Under Test and Base Stations. In just three months, our solutions bring automation, tilt simulation and enhanced safety to testing setups. Discover precision testing made easy with Orbis Systems.

The practical challenge

Orbis Systems faced an interesting challenge when a customer asked for a positioner that could handle three Devices Under Test (DUTs) with manual movements, and another one for three Base Stations. The goal was straightforward — improve test efficiency and cut down on test cycle time by allowing simultaneous testing of multiple components.

Our steady response

In just three months, Orbis Systems successfully developed the requested positioners, smoothly moving from the initial design to on-site implementation at the customer's premises.

Key features for streamlined testing

The solution comes with a handy feature — automatic maneuvering of Devices Under Test (DUTs) and Base Stations through software commands. This functionality is easily accessible through our user-friendly interface (UI) or via API commands.

For those aiming higher, the Triple Base Station positioner includes the ability to simulate tilt, enhancing the overall test setup for optimal performance.

Safety at the core

Safety is a top priority. The positioners integrate with the Orbis Safety System, ensuring an added layer of protection. If someone is detected within the testing chamber, the Safety System will automatically halt all movements, prioritizing a secure working environment.

With Orbis Systems, you get practical solutions that enhance your testing process without unnecessary complications. Let's make your testing experience more efficient and secure.

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