Tailored OTA Chamber Fits Perfectly Inside Office Space

Orbis Systems' first class Over-the-Air (OTA) testing solutions are developed to support all your 5G R&D needs.

Upgrade your office with Orbis Systems' OTA Chamber

Imagine having the advanced capabilities of an Over-the-Air (OTA) chamber inside of your office. We recently delivered a customized OTA chamber to a prominent European telecom company, marking a significant leap in testing convenience and efficiency.

Save costs by optimizing your space

Our latest project involved successfully delivering an OTA chamber for a leading telecom client in Germany, mirroring the features found in several meters’ long container chambers in customer test labs in two European countries. The challenge was to fit a container chamber into the limited space of an office building. Our solution? A cleverly designed container that fits seamlessly into office environments. This pioneering approach, a first in Europe, brings a new era of flexibility to testing procedures and we are looking forward to delivering more. Orbis Systems has capabilities for large scale chamber deliveries on a global scale.

"We appreciated the excellent collaboration during the delivery and we are now fully utilizing the chamber and its features."

- Customer Program Manager

Your trusted global partner

With a history of successfully delivering nearly 150 OTA chambers and large-scale radio frequency (RF) walls, Orbis Systems is recognized for its expertise on a global scale. We prioritize collaborative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, making us the preferred partner for tailored testing solutions worldwide.

With our rich experience and demonstrated success, we stand ready to deliver customized solutions that perfectly match our customers’ needs, regardless of geographical limitations or the size of the OTA test environment. Orbis Systems is skilled at providing OTA Chambers that seamlessly fit into practically any confined space.

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