• Engineering Services

  • Manufacturing Services

  • Support Services

Key Compentencies

  • Mobile phone and Base station testing

  • Functional Testing for Electronics

  • Machine vision testing

  • Fixture and adapter design

  • RF Signal Switching

  • Mechanical, electronics and RF design

  • Test System SW design (C#, Lab View)

Engineering Services

Orbis Systems engineering services include everything from complete test system design, including fixture and adapter design, to test system software design.

Engineering Services include designing, prototyping and documentation of test systems based on customer needs. The utilized key technologies are functional testing technology and quality assurance related to audio, RF, electrical and machine vision testing. Engineering Services cover the full range of competencies needed in the designing process, including software, hardware and mechanics design as well as professional project management.

Manufacturing Services

Test system Manufacturing Service provides customers with added value results from good technological knowledge and operational excellences.

Test system Manufacturing Service lets customer to focus on their core business, refining and optimizing testing solutions and to get products to the market on time. At Orbis Systems we have knowledge from fixtures and adapters deisgn to complete test system manufacturing.

1. Manufacturing based on customer’s design and documentation

  • Test systems
  • Signal switching units
  • Fixtures
  • Adapters
  • Other test devices

2. Validation of customer's test solutions

  • System tests
  • Gage R&R testing
  • Usability tests

3. Industrialization and cost reduction of customer's solutions

  • Technical improvements
  • Documentation
  • Cost reduction

Support Services

  • Repairs & upgrades
  • Commissioning
  • Modifications
  • Production Line Transfers
  • Operator and Service Technician Training
  • Preventive Maintenance & Spare Part Support
  • Spare Part Support