Technological Innovation Is Rooted in Close Partnership

Being an innovative technology partner to the leading telecom companies in the world requires continuous commitment to development as well as close co-operation with the customers. Orbis Systems’ CEO Eero Rossi and R&D Manager Mika Kiiskilä discuss these themes in more detail in the latest clips released from the company’s 10-year anniversary video.

Given that Orbis Systems operates within the rapidly changing telecom industry where standards and requirements are constantly evolving, it’s no wonder that innovative technology was selected as one the company’s 10-year anniversary focus areas. Committing to the continuous development of technology has meant staying alert in order to recognize future trends in the market sector, such as 6G and ORAN to name a couple of current topics, and reacting accordingly by adjusting the company portfolio, hiring new resources with required skills and investing on R&D, which in turn have led to many rewards. This has proved especially valuable now that the company is experiencing unprecedented order and revenue growth both from existing and new customers. As Orbis Systems’ CEO Eero Rossi puts it: “Most of our innovations have been created for our customers and based directly on their needs, so working with telecom industry frontrunners has definitely helped us develop our technology and overall operations.”

10-year Anniversary Interview with CEO Eero Rossi – The Future of Testing

Next Generation Solutions Require Insight
According to Orbis Systems’ R&D Manager Mika Kiiskilä, the company’s take on technological innovation is first and foremost based on close co-operation with its customers. “We don’t have a product catalogue, but rather we build solutions together with the customer so that they get exactly what they need”, he characterizes the company’s partnership with telecom industry giants. Being a truly innovative technology partner also means having the ability to understand the big picture and deliver complete solutions, not just individual parts or functionalities. “We see a lot of projects where the chamber, DUT automation and safety systems are all provided by separate vendors. Sometimes it is quite difficult to integrate everything together and the complete system might not work at an optimal level”, Mika Kiiskilä states. Orbis Systems has responded to these challenges by providing customized test systems, which include all the necessary parts including automation, safety and control software, all seamlessly integrated. “As one customer commented to us upon reviewing this kind of a complete test system: this is a next generation chamber”, Kiiskilä discloses.

10-year Anniversary Interview with R&D Manager Mika Kiiskilä – What It Means to Be an innovative Technology Partner

6G Already in Sight
Even though 5G is currently ramping up, Orbis Systems’ R&D is also keeping a close eye on the early development of 6G. “We can already see that something is happening in 6G. Right now, it is more or less in university research program phase where new technologies are being searched but no specifications or frequency bands have been allocated yet”, R&D Manager Mika Kiiskilä describes and estimates that increased demand for 6G test systems could occur as early as 2028. However, he has no doubt about what lies ahead: “6G is coming, like 3G, 4G and 5G before it.”

10-year Anniversary Interview with R&D Manager Mika Kiiskilä - 6G Is Coming