Looking for tailored 5G testing solutions? Check out how your business can benefit from our tailored solutions!

Unlock the potential of your testing capabilities with Orbis Systems. Watch our video to discover tailored solutions for complex networks, providing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accurate results. Experience the power of innovation in testing.

Tailored Solutions for Complex Networks
Orbis Systems understands the challenges posed by today's evolving wireless networks. Our solutions are tailored to address the complexities and demands of modern networks, ensuring precise and efficient testing that meets your unique requirements.

RF Shield Box - Simplified Testing for Wireless Devices & IoT Nodes
Simplify your testing process and reduce costs with our portable RF Shield Box. Benefit from its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and customization options providing you with an efficient solution for testing wireless devices and IoT nodes. With optimized space utilization this compact solution maximizes efficiency.

RF Shielded Containers - Ready-to-Use and Adaptable Testing Solutions
Experience convenience and flexibility with our ready-to-use RF shielded containers. These adaptable solutions simplify the testing process and seamlessly integrate into various scenarios. Benefit from their plug-and-play feature ensuring streamlined testing and transportability.

Anechoic Chambers - Realistic Testing Environments for Accurate Results
Achieve accurate and reliable results with our anechoic chambers. These chambers create realistic test scenarios allowing for precise emulation of real-world conditions. Benefit from their scalability, modular platforms and remote operation capability providing you with flexibility and convenience.

Modular Shielded Rooms - Versatile Solutions for Base Station Testing
Streamline your base station testing with our modular shielded rooms. These versatile solutions are built on-site and offer module-based flexibility. Benefit from remote operation and convenient testing even within office environments.

OTA Emulator Streamlined Testing for Wireless Devices & IoT Nodes
Experience streamlined testing with our compact OTA emulator. Benefit from its small footprint and solid phase shifter matrix solution ensuring fast and reliable testing for wireless devices and IoT nodes. Simplify your testing procedures and achieve efficient results.

Customer Focus
At Orbis Systems, understanding your unique needs is our top priority. We collaborate with you to provide personalized support and tailor our solutions to your specific testing requirements. Book a meeting with our experienced team to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your testing goals.