Tailored OTA Chamber to fit inside customer's office space

Orbis Systems' over-the-air (OTA) testing solutions are developed to support 5G R&D needs.

What about a container chamber to your office space?

Orbis Systems Over-the-Air (OTA) Chamber works even inside the office. We just delivered a new tailored OTA chamber to one of our European top telecom customers.

Saving space helps you to save costs

Recently, we successfully delivered OTA Chamber to Germany, mirroring the features found in several metres long container chambers in customer test labs in two European countries. This time the challenge was how to fit container chamber inside the office building of our customer. Despite the limited space, our solution was to construct a container to fit inside an office building. Being the first of its kind for customer site in Europe - we are excited and looking forward to delivering more. Orbis Systems has capabilities for large scale chamber deliveries on a global scale.

Delivered close to 150 OTA chambers

Orbis Systems has successfully delivered close to 150 OTA chambers and large-scale Radio-Frequency (RF) Walls, showcasing our exceptional expertise and ability to serve as preferred partner on a global scale.

We appreciated especially good collaboration during the delivery and we are now ramping up usage of the chamber and its features.
Customer Program Manager

With our extensive experience and proven track record, we are well-equipped to provide customers with tailored solutions that align with the specific requirements, irrespective of geographical constraints or the size of the OTA test environment. Orbis Systems can now provide OTA Chamber to practically any limited space.

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