Orbis Systems provides quality control solutions, functional testing solutions, components and services for customers’ R&D, production and after sales needs. Our products and services are increasing efficiency and performance in customers’ processes and hence are shortening time to market, lowering process costs and increasing end customers’ satisfaction.

Orbis Systems works closely with customers, who are willing to create long term business relationships rather than one time projects. We operate globally and we are willing to follow our customers’ evolution in their businesses. We are also actively looking for new customers in the telecom segment as well as we are willing to look for new customers in other electronics segments.

Orbis Systems’ testing solutions have been used in the telecom and electronics industry over 20 years and operations have been global already 15 years. The growth and globalization of the company is proceeding according to customers’ needs as markets are evolving. Orbis Systems Oy was established in 2012 after the company split from Orbis Oy.

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Orbis Systems has become a leading test system supplier for the telecommunications manufacturing industry. As a strategic testing partner for both base station and device suppliers, Orbis Systems has built global operations which reach today from Europe to Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

A significant amount of all mobile devices supplied globally are tested with Orbis Systems' test equipment. We have installed a base of hundreds of test platforms and systems in three continents. In addition to product offering, Orbis Systems has a complete global design, delivery and maintenance capability.