Machine Vision Testing

Machine Vision Training

Orbis Systems' Machine Vision training offers you a possibility to improve your skills and deeper your understanding of machine vision testing.

Machine Vision trainings can be arranged at customer's site and trainings are held by Orbis Systems Machine Vision experts. Trainings are customized based on your interest and knowledge on machine vision testing. Basic machine vision trainings can include, for example, the following elements:

  • Machine Vision Basics
  • Image acquisition and possible application areas
  • Camera set-up
  • Parameter settings and trouble shooting
  • Machine Vision tools
  • Parameter settings and examples of applications
  • Adding new tests

Available also a practical hands on training for Orbis Systems' machine vision software.

Hands on training can consist, for example, of:

  • Building a real application
  • Using equipment to test product samples

Our machine vision experts can perform the training on site

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