Machine Vision Testing

At Orbis Systems we have long experience in machine vision testing in telecom, power systems, automotive and other industries. In Orbis Systems Vision Platform (OVP) we have an industry proven machine vision software and we are able to customize testers based on your specific needs.

Removing human error from visual inspection

What is machine vision?

Human eye is able to detect light and interpret surroundings. Machine Vision is designed to do the same but much better. Machine Vision can collect and interpret information much faster than human eye with much better accuracy and consistency. Whereas human vision's spectral range is only 400-700nm, machine vision's spectral range is as wide as 0.001nm - 1mm. With machine vision it is possible to remove human error from visual inspection.

'See' like a human

Machine Vision Software - OVP

Orbis Systems Vision Software Platform (OVP) is the third generation vision software platform for developing and running industrial vision applications in a PC under the Windows operating system.

Machine Vision Training

With our Machine Vision Training you get the most out of machine vision testing.